Tarkan Özvardar

Tarkan Özvardar //////////////////

Born in 1973, Tarkan Özvardar graduated from Izmir Atatürk Highschool and attended Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Tarkan started his professional career in 1991 by working as a 'Trainer' in kennels in district of Ankara. After his graduation, he founded "Ankara Canine College (ACC) Dog Training and Rehabilitation Center" in 1997.

He currently owns 28 dogs of which 18 are stray. He has; passed the GSD BH Examination with his 'working line' german shepherd dog - Vera (Filou von Juliet) in Germany, won the "European Frisbee championship For Dogs" with Rhino (Border Collie).

He attended nearly 80 training programs about Dog Training & Rehabilitation and gave over 40 seminars both in Turkey and internationally as well as over 100 TV programs as well as prime time news in leading national TV channels for his extensive knowledge in dog sports.

Tarkan is an active board member of AKUT K-9 Unit of Turkey and continues his career in ACC.